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Ambulanz für Botulinumtoxin-Behandlungen

Botulinumtoxin - What's that?

Botulinum toxin (BoNT) is a protein produced by bacteria and used as medication to treat overactive muscles in case of neurological diseases. BoNT´s effects are based on their ability to block the transmission of pathological impulses from hyperactive nerves to the muscles. Thus, BoNT interrupts the abnormally increased conduction of stimuli at the neuromuscular junction (synapsis). Moreover, BoNT blocks the transmission between the nerve cell and sweat glands as well as salivary glands, which can be used to treat abnormally increased sweating (hyperhidrosis) and salivation (sialorrhoe). Further, Botulinum toxin may reduce the release of inflammatory and pain-causing substances from the nerve cells, thus enabling it to be used against otherwise therapy-resistant neuropathic pain and headache.

Dr. Thomas Sycha
(ao.) Professor of Neurology