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Outpatient clinic for sleep disorders

Information on sleep disorders

Sleep disorders like insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness and tiredness/fatigue are common in the general population. The majority of sleep-wake problems are temporary which resolve after the elimination of causative factors, e.g. psychosocial stress or an acute infection. In the case of prolonged and/or chronic sleep-wake problems an evaluation by a sleep specialist is recommended.

Our sleep-wake disorders outpatient department focusses on the (differential) diagnosis and treatment of the following entities:

  • Narcolepsy/hypersomnia
  • Insomnia (in liaison with psychiatrists)
  • Restless Legs Syndrome/Periodic Limb Movement Disorder
  • Parasomnias (Disorders of Arousal, REM-sleep behavior disorder)
  • Circadian Sleep-Wake Rhythm Disorders
  • Sleep Apnea (in liaison with pulmologists)
  • Chronic fatigue

Patients will be scheduled for a first appointment after being referred to our centre by their neurologist. During this appointment a detailed history of the sleep-wake problems will be taken and test results reviewed. Based on the individual patient history the decision on further in-house or ambulatory diagnostic tests (e.g. video-polysomnography etc.) will be made.

We kindly ask you to bring the following documents (if available) to our first appointment:

  • Medical reports
  • Test results (e.g. previous polysomnographies, lab tests, imaging studies)
  • Detailed information on previous pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatment (including daily dosage and duration) of your sleep-wake problems
  • Results from sleep tracking devices, video documentation (e.g. via smartphone) of sleep-related phenomena

Due to the high number of patients calling in for an appointment, the waiting times for a first appointment are unfortunately prolonged.

Ass.-Prof. PD Dr. Karin Trimmel, PhD