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Neuropsychological outpatient clinic

General information about Neuropsychology

The outpatient clinic "Neuropsychology" offers comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of patients with neuropsychological impairments in the sense of disorders of cognitive or affective brain functions that occur in connection with damage to and diseases of the brain.
These are predominantly impairments of basal and higher cognitive functions, such as disorders of attention, perception, memory, language, thinking, planning and acting, problem solving, spatial orientation, or emotion regulation.

Neuropsychological diagnostics: Procedure and contents

Within the framework of neuropsychological diagnostics, the extent and nature of the respective impairment is examined by means of standardized, scientifically validated test procedures. In addition to this comprehensive, holistic and differentiated diagnosis of neuropsychological changes, preserved functions and resources are further assessed. The result of the neuropsychological diagnosis is the basis for a professionally planned therapy of neuropsychological impairments.
Furthermore, follow-up examinations are offered to patients who are undergoing or have undergone external neuropsychological therapy or rehabilitation in order to evaluate the course and success of neuropsychological therapy.

Neuropsychological therapy: Procedure and contents

Neuropsychological therapy serves to treat neuropsychological impairments and takes place after a comprehensive neuropsychological diagnosis and the determination of personal goals.
Neuropsychological therapy can take place in a group or individual setting, depending on the nature and extent of the neuropsychological impairment.
Goals or contents of a neuropsychological therapy can be:

  • restoration of impaired functions
  • improvement in dealing with (continuing) existing limitations
  • improved adaptation to the demands of the environment
  • support in coping with the disease and in dealing with emotional or social consequences caused by impaired functions

Further information

Further information and a directory of practitioners can be found on the website of  the Austrian Society of Neuropsychology [Gesellschaft für Neuropsychologie Österreich].