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Doctoral Programme Clinical Neurosciences CLINS (UN790)

coordinator: Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Hainfellner



Two doctoral programs are offered at the Medical University of Vienna: Doctoral Program of Applied Medical Science UN790 and PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) UN094. CLINS is a thematic program of the Doctoral Programs of Applied Medical Science - UN790 Website for further information

As part of the European Bologna Process, the postgraduate, 3-year doctoral program was established at MedUni Vienna. Successful completion of doctoral training is a mandatory prerequisite for an academic career and obtaining professorship at MedUni Vienna for both medical and non-medical professionals. The interdisciplinary thematic program CLINS was set up for the clinical neuroscientific disciplines, which is coordinated and administered by NPC employees. Students and teachers from more than ten organizational units from the clinical and theoretical areas of MedUni Vienna are involved in CLINS.

Training at the NPC

A very important focus of the department (subunit) is on training young specialists and medical scientists. Accordingly, the NPC acts as a training center for the special medical disciplines of clinical pathology and neuropathology. The NPC also acts as the coordination center for the interdisciplinary and cross-departmental doctoral program Clinical Neurosciences CLINS.

Clinical pathology and neuropathology is an independent special subject that analyzes tissue changes and changes in body fluids in diseases of the nervous system. On the basis of the histopathological and laboratory results, together with clinical features, the symptoms are typified and the treating doctors are advised regarding therapeutic decisions.


Human medicine curriculum

Human medicine curriculum:

Block 19 — Brain and nervous system

coordinator: Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Hainfellner


Master's degree Molecular Precision Medicine

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Further Education

For more information, please visit the Academy of Doctors training calendar:

DFP Kalender der Akademie der Ärzte

  • e.g. Microscopical Rounds in Clinical Neuropathology